Busy with Warner

I seem to be spending lots of time at the Warner Theatre either performing, auditioning, painting sets, attending workshops, or helping with backstage crews lately. Not a bad thing at all. It’s kind of a family-like place and I enjoy playing in many aspects of theater.

Recently, I performed in two original 10 minute scenes directed by Tracey Rowe for the CT Artists & Playwrights Festival. The festival invited Connecticut playwrights to write short scenes inspired by  paintings from local artists. Ironically, I ended up taking that inspiration a step further when I was asked to write and record a few music pieces for the scene transitions.

One song was a hokey lobster restaurant jingle for a comedy scene I performed in. Got some vocal assistance from Josh Newey (our favorite Lecturer from Reefer Madness) doing his best Fred Schneider/B52’s impression:

The others were for a more serious scene. The song was about a pet fish and sung by a young talented actress, Kennedy Morris. It’s very neat to hear someone else sing something I’ve written and she did a great job to boot!

Here’s the song:
and then the instrumental outro: 


I attended a make-up master class with Tyler Green from Litchfield. He’s well-known because he was on the show “Face-Off” and does some incredible work. I showed him my severed head prop and I think he was impressed. I plan to take his upcoming 10-week workshop.


December brings the first Warner Theatre children’s show, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” I’ll be playing Marci and, eek, roller-skating in the opening scene. Gonna be interesting! Check out my schedule page for more on that!

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