Original Songs:

Willow (If) When You Call My Name (Live)

The Way He Moves (blues/jazz ballad)-live at Don’t Tell Mamas, NYC

Dr Who song

Monday Sunday Funday (at SummerSongs 2011)

I Wish Love Had a Cushion Beneath It (stop-motion version on GlumPuppet)


Other people’s songs I’ve sung:

Message To My Girl (Neil Finn/Split Enz cover) demo made by me in GarageBand:

audience reaction to “show stopping” moment from Nice Work (w/ Joe Guttadauro)

“Demon Rum” from Nice Work… (Warner Theatre production rehearsal)

“The Stuff” from Reefer Madness (Warner Theatre production)

Magnetic Fields’ “Book of Love” 

Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” live at Infinity Hall Bistro

“Always On My Mind” by Wayne Thompson, Mark James & Johnny Christopher

He Plays the Violin from 1776 (live production; audio recording distorted)

Hatikva (Tikvateinu)- my arrangement for Holocaust Remembrance Day

Joe Crookston’s “Blue Tattoo” also for Holocaust Remembrance Day

“All of Me” w/ No Stress Band

“In the Mood For Love”-Warner Wine Tasting w/ TJ Thompson

Woody Guthrie’s “Deportee” with Danbury Theatre Company

“Hard Travelin'” with Danbury Theatre Company


More Favorites (music/not-so-much music):

 Sweet Severed Head  (song)

A Cupcake for My Birthday (song)

Auntie Lana-Bird Babysits (song)

Lana’s B.S. (Brent Spiner) Degree

The Overly Helpful Hand Offers Cooking Advice

Nosecrops attempts “The Cup Song”

Screen Test of Norma D. Chin Puppet

A Little Q & A With Mandy (Patinkin)

Pet Peeves

Fashion Show (song)


Crab-picking Lullaby (instrumental)

Laptop Duets: Fiddler on the Roof (song)

Laptop Duets: Modern Re-enactment of Fantine’s Death Scene (song)

Dr. Who & Lady Dalek at Steampunk World’s Fair

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