Sad News

This weekend I lost a dear friend and creative partner, Jim Clark of GlumPuppet and SHAMT (Super Happy Awesome Movie Time)fame. He was only 43 and died unexpectedly during heart surgery. My friends and I are deeply saddened and miss him.

There is a “Jim sense of humor” I will miss seeing in new videos and when around him. He was a quiet type who would come out with some real zingers from time to time; I think I share that personality quirk, but of course, his point of view and frame of reference are different. It makes for fun scripts and nights of board games, of which there were many. From Jim, I learned about Zombie Dice; it’s funny the odd little things you associate with people you care about!

Drosh and I plan to continue with GlumPuppet and I (and my silly alter ego, Nosecrops) will still be available for SHAMT episode cameos. They will be different, however, they will go on.

Here are some links to see some of the brilliant creative work Jim put out during his time with us. Please enjoy whenever you can:

Jim’s SHAMT commercial for GlumPuppet

A cool German music video with the GlumPuppet gang

Blade Runner parody for GlumPuppet

Jim’s tribute to David Lynch

A “French” TV show

Jim’s Pet Peeve

SHAMT review of “The Quiet Man” (yeah, that’s me in the beard!)

Jim’s SHAMT Minute of “Trance”

SHAMT “Weird Science– check out the Myth Busters parody at the end!

SHAMT’s “Back to the Beach” (a fun song/dance with Nosecrops & friends at end)

SHAMT’s “My Little Pony” yes, it’s 30 mins, but you could watch this instead of the real movie and it’s MUCH more fun!



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