Artwell Gig/ Linda Eder Master Class

I’ve been asked to open for a great husband and wife duo called  Pocket Vinyl;  he plays a “ben folds five” piano-styling while she starts with a blank canvas and just paints. They auction off the paintings at the end…

This will be at Artwell Gallery at 45 Main Street in Torrington on Friday, June 14, 2013.
Show starts at 8pm (doors open 7:30) and tickets can be purchased at the door for $7.00.

Working a setlist and I thought I’d compliment their originals with some of mine, including my GlumPuppet videos showcasing my “wickedly funny”-style songs, and maybe toss in a few “hauntingly beautifuls,” like If You’d Call My Name.


Today I participated in a wonderful vocal master class at The Warner Theatre taught by singer & recording artist (and Broadway legend), Linda Eder. I think she is an amazingly versatile vocalist who I admire, not only for her voice, but that she’s made a career recording in multiple styles and has done well. She’s also got a similar taste for song styles. I found her to be very personable and kind, and an intuitive vocal teacher.

I’m posting from Cloud 9 right now, because she said she’d love to see me perform!
I brought in the Willie Nelson hit, “Always On My Mind,” and performed it as a slow ballad. I guess I chose not to bring in a Broadway tune as everyone else did, because after reviewing the songs Linda has recorded, somehow I thought that would resonate on the same wavelength (if that makes sense). Maybe I could harmonize with her. Anyway, I’d love to write a song like that for her to record, so I guess I’d better get crackin’.


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