New Harry Potter Song Debut!

I’m quite excited to be sharing a new song or two at Saturday’s Ladies ‘N’ Lyrics night (Aug 24th, 7pm-see schedule page). One song in particular was inspired by a character from Harry Potter (book 3 Azkaban). I’ve finally caved in and decided to read the series for myself and then watch the movies as I go. The new song is a bonus and I may be inspired to write more!

Originally, I never read the books but saw the first and second film while my father was still alive. He was a huge Potter fan (collected the toys and had a baseball cap with all the Hogwart houses). He passed in 2004 and somehow I felt like I just didn’t want to see movies he would never be able to see. I wish I could have shared this fandom with him (and this song), but I’ d like to think perhaps he knows.

So, I’m hoping my fans will come out and see me this Saturday for the official Harry Potter song debut! I won’t tell you any more about it ’til then. Working on the last lyrics to another song (non-Potter) as well. It’s kind of a catchy Cheryl Crow-ish pop song called “Actions Speak Louder.” (I’m giving myself some pressure to finish it for Saturday.)


A huge thank you to those who came out to support me at NW Idol last Saturday! I heard some of you in the audience! I made it to the top 6 this time and got to sing my second song. Act II band were a great band to back me up and perhaps we’ll do it again sometime!


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