Glum Puppet “Fashion Show”

Wednesdays are my days to put up a new original video short on Glum Puppet. THIS one is AMAZING and totally crazy! Only 1 minute and 14 seconds of your time and you’ll get quite a show! I had an absolute blast with this one (even worth how wonky I  feel today after staying up past 3am to finish and post it!) Enjoy!

I think I may have found a new niche with this one (or rediscovered it). I enjoy coming up with ideas and watching them evolve and change form as I go. GarageBand and IMovie are quick and easy and great for visual expression of my theatre and video production skills (costumes, props, puppets, editing, lighting, graphics, etc.). Play like a kid the way I once did; now, if I could make a living doing all of this…  🙂


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