First Thursday Finale a Smashing Success!

Thanks to everyone who came to support me this evening! Please leave a reply below for me along with your email so I can get back to you; especially if you’d like to be put on an email list for future shows of mine.

I’m particularly pleased to have helped bring in some talented newcomers to the series (I feel like a proud mama hen!): songwriters Kristin Graves, Eric Paradine, Nancy Tucker and storyteller Jim Clark. Also proud to know fellow performers Sue Matsuki, Mitch Katz, Steve Prassino (the Whatever Band). You can check out their information on the Hi5net TV website under First Thursday (see link to Hi5 off to the right –>)

The Woodhall School was a beautiful setting, just perfect for the show!

Thanks to David & Douglas Bibbey for all their hard work putting this magic together! Can’t wait to write new songs for the spring when First Thursday returns!

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