Lana LIVE streaming concert

A singer/songwriter friend of mine Sharon Goldman introduced me to this great website,,  where you can offer a live streaming concert from the comfort of your own laptop to the comfort of your fans’ laptops, pads or phones. I “attended” her show and loved the experience and decided to go for it. Thank you Sharon!

So, on Tuesday, January 14th 2014 at 9pm EST, I will entertain you with original songs from my “secret lair.” There will also be a live chat you can make remarks on while the show is going and chat with others who are watching! It’s fun! Who knows, you might even see my cat! Yes, really!

It’ll be like a PJ party and you won’t have to leave your own house; you could look like a complete schlep and no one will know! You could even sit in your car and watch on your cell phone or pad! Wherever you are in the world, you can tune in!

You can purchase online tickets on a pay-what-you-want basis starting now at

The webshow will not be recorded – it’s offered in real time. I hope you can join me!

*word to the wise: don’t wait ’til 8:59pm to go to the link, you’ll need to create a username/password first to watch and that might make you a little late. I will probably go a bit over 30 mins, but just a heads up!


Don’t forget the January 9th show in Torrington at Morrison Hardware for DTC’s Songwriter-in-the-round series “The Great American Songbook.” See my show schedule page for more info and hope to see you there!


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