Upcoming No Stress gig & My Hair (ya know REALLY important that last item…)

So, No Stress, we have a show coming up on Saturday, March 10th from 7-10pm at the Goshen Playhouse on Route 4 (the rotary) in Goshen, CT (more info on Show Schedule page). Tickets are a measly 5 bucks, so you have no excuse for not saving up for it! This will benefit the playhouse that has been around doing great theatre since before I was born (WAAAAY long time ago!).

My Dad, G-d rest his soul, used to act with them back in the 60’s. He did Kismet and Oliver (Mr. Bumble) and Guys & Dolls. He stopped doing that after I was born; kinda wished he’d hadn’t, kinda wished we’d been in a show together, but then maybe I would have felt uncomfortable; eh, “woulda, shoulda, coulda…” Anywho…

Come out and see the concert!

Oh yes, my hair…
Yes, it’s red, still; just a different red. I made a video about how I’ve made a color blunder (only ’cause it wasn’t the exact color I wanted. Gee, from a store bought box, not surprising! Trying to save money for now.)

So, for now please enjoy by clicking over to the left on the one that says “Lana on YouTube” the video is called “red or red hair.”


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