NERFA’s Next…

I am attending my first NERFA conference (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance)in Kerhonkson, (gotta love upstate NY village names!)NY this weekend. It’s a music industry gathering of folk artists and venues and folks.

I’ll be performing two of my songs at what’s known as a Guerrilla showcase. Basically, in the wee hours of the morning artists put on little shows in their hotel rooms for people to come see. You could go from room-to-room and see any number of artists playing their songs acoustically.

This is the event that never sleeps; my time slot is from 1:30-2 am Saturday morning! I will be joining my SummerSongs friends for a special show. I plan to bring some theatrics to the table (once a thespian, always a thespian!) by helping to decorate the “set” and making it look like a SummerSongs campfire circle or slumber party (we’ll see how the room accommodates this!). I’ll probably dress up in my furry outfit and pass out flyers; we’ll see!

Gonna help out my friend/SummerSongs camping buddy, Fred Arcoleo, by singing back-up on his songs the next morning for the People’s Network showcase at 130am in Room 1320.


So, if you’re there catch you 1:30-2 am Saturday morning, room 1515! If not, happy sleeping; catch some for me! 🙂


On last week’s episode…

Had a fun time at my first time at The Metropolitan Room in “the City” (that’s NYC to us folks in these parts). Saw some amazing cabaret performers there and Jenna was a sparkling host and talented singer! Collected 2 BC’s; one from a comedian, Mike Toro (careful single ladies!) and another from a fellow songwriter, David Rigano (.com), who performed this hysterical song about a little boy who dressed up as the redhead from Scooby-doo. He’s got a YouTube video of it, somewhere I’ve yet to get to…


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