The show went on!

The show at Don’t Tell Mama’s was a big hit! (Not quite as big of a “hit” as that snowstorm, but the company was warm and welcoming!) I’m so grateful to Sue Matsuki (.com) and Cabaret for asking me to sing! Also, Douglas and David Bibbey for the introduction (–see link to video over to the right—>)

As soon as I can, I’ll post up video from it on YouTube (check back).

I had about 11 or so people come to see me (thank you soooo much: cousins Sherry, Judy & Phil, Merrill and her actress friend Karen Fitzgerald, Ina and her friend(who’s name escapes me, sorry), Rachael Weinstein and Glen Raphael (2 awesome songwriters I met at SummerSongs!) and Mom!

Met some new wonderful people Brian Walters (who accompanied me!), two wonderful vocalists Miles Phillips (.com) and Anthony Santelmo, Jr., Kevin Kraft, an actor/singer/songwriter who stars in this wonderful new musical called The Fartiste that I got to see after my show–wonderfully well-written–a must see!, and Sydney, the owner of Don’t Tell Mama. He said he liked my songs! 🙂 I liked his club, maybe I’ll get to play there again!

Cousin Jeff gets the “hero” award for trying to get to see me via a Metro North train that got stuck on the tracks on the Harlem line and sat for 2 hours because of downed trees over the tracks (and Jackie who dropped me off at the train and picked Jeff up…) Jeff for bringing my car to Danbury to meet me when the bus got in…, I got the best family!!! The next show will be for you!

I know many more wanted to be there. So, I guess I’ll have to do more of these things; could be addicting…


NEXT SHOW in NYC: Will be going back for another fun cabaret night. This time it’s at the Metropolitan Room on W. 22nd St from 10-midnight. It’s an “open mike” like show I’ve been meaning to get to called the MetroJam. Must be popular because performers only get 1 song.! Sue Matsuki invited me to join in the fun! Here’s a link:


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