TSO Featured Vocalist

CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19. Expect to reschedule for March 2021

Gonna get my Swing on! I was asked by Maurice Steinberg to be the featured vocalist for the Torrington Symphony Orchestra’s Spring 2020 concert, and have accepted the honor! Expect to hear 4 songs with the main orchestra and 3 songs with a special smaller combo. Maurice was able to find/transpose/transcribe music from my bucket list of songs, including: Swing, Brother Swing (an early Billie Holiday), Since I Fell For You (an Ella & Buddy Johnson tune, covered by many favorites including Dinah Washington and Mel Torme!), and an uptempo (per my request) version of How Long Has This Been Going On (not the Ace song, but Gershwin).

Tickets are limited at door, call Chuck at 860-214-3347 to reserve.


I’ve been a bit lax about posting to this site, so I missed a show. Neil Simon’s Rumors presented by CTAW in Woodbury, CT that ran the first couple of weekends in January.
I got to play the role of Claire Ganz.

Here’s a review from the Patch; there was also one in the Republican-American:

Naugatuck Patch

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Playing Sonia in Christopher Durang’s comedy “Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike” has been a wonderful ride and I’ve fallen in love with her and my castmates, crew, and director! Loving every moment!

Only two more chances to catch this show (as of writing this): Friday & Saturday, August 2 & 3 at TheatreWorks New Milford. TheatreWorks.us or 860-350-6863

Review from The Patch

Review from Newtown Bee

IMG_7818 IMG_7817 IMG_7816 IMG_7815 IMG_7814

Photos: Richard Pettibone/Ghostlight Photography

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Miracle Worker third time around



This will be my third production of this incredible show! I will be playing Kate Keller and dedicating this performance to the memory of John Fabbri who played my father when I was Helen the first time around!

click here for a great review!

The Miracle Worker ( playing Kate Keller)

Landmark Community Theatre, Thomaston Opera House

May 3 & 9 @ 10 am

May 4, 10, 11, 17, 18 @ 8 pm

May 5, 12, 19 @ 2 pm

Adults $26, Seniors & Students $23*: click for tickets

Student pricing for large school groups available

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Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder


I have the pleasure of playing in the first off-Broadway production of Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder at the Warner Theatre. I will be playing many characters in this 12-person show; a Tour Guide, a newsboy, a servant…and it’s, as they say, jolly good fun!

Come out and see us February 2, 8, 9 at 8pm and February 3, 10 at 2pm.  Go to warnertheatre.org  for tickets.

Photo: Mandi Martini & Lüke Haughwøut

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Nutmeg Junction/48hr Film Project



I’m continuing to record (and eventually write) with Nutmeg Junction radio show and doing more voiceover acting this summer. If you’ve missed any episodes, they can be found at NutmegJunction.com. So far, I’m in many episodes, including numbers 1-5, 15 & 16.  Of course, all the episodes are fantastic!

Nutmeg Junction is a NEW 100% originally scripted “Old Time Radio” style weekly half hour radio program which records at WAPJ studio in Torrington, Connecticut and airs on:

WAPJ (89.9 and 105.1FM) Sundays 1pm
WHDD FM 91.9, WHDD AM 1020, WLHV FM 88.1. WBSL FM 91.7): Monday Nights 7-9pm and rebroadcast on Saturdays 11am!
WESU beginning 5/27 at 3:30pm

and CROC Radio in Kimberley, Canada

We have been on the air since March 31st, 2018 and there have been over 30 vocal artists who have shared their talent and performed on the program.


48Hr Film Project, West Haven Film Collective team


This weekend I participated on a short film for the 48 hr Film Project. I got to co-write and act in a short called “Everyone Bleeds.” Yep, that’s me  in the long boots in my first ever sword fight!

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Young Frankenstein the Musical

IMG_6163I will be playing Frau Blucher (neigh!) in TheatreWorks New Milford’s production of Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein…schteeeen!

We run from May 4- June 2, 2018. That’s May 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, June 1, 2; Friday & Saturday at 8pm, and Sunday at 2pm. You’ll get so many chances to see it, you will really have no excuse. 😉

For tickets call 860-350-6863 or Theatreworks.us
Tickets are $30 reserved seating

Here’s an exclusive interview by J. Timothy Quirk of Nutmeg Chatter on WAPJ, where we discuss the show and my many projects/interests: Click here



…and our first review of the show! Click here


photos: Richard Pettibone




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Nutmeg Junction Radio Show



Me,  J. Timothy Quirk, Conrad Sienkiewicz, Caroline Sienkiewicz, Robert F. Fullerton, Kurt Boucher, Jandi Hanna, Josh Newey and Rich Cyr are the founding members of a new syndicated radio program on 6 stations (and counting):

Nutmeg Junction: America’s New Old Time Radio Program!
I’m appearing as a regular member playing numerous characters
Official on-air launch Sunday, April 1, 2018 at 1pm
on WAPJ 105.1 and 89.9FM in Torrington, CT

Starting in April, Robin Hood Radio will air the program on 5 stations:
WHDD FM 91.9
WHDD AM 1020
WLHV FM 88.1
WBSL FM 91.7
and coming soon
97.5 FM KENT

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The Game’s Afoot!

I am playing Inspector Harriet Goring in Warner Theatre’s production of Ken Ludwig’s The Game’s Afoot (Holmes for the Holidays) through December 17th. Directed by Joe Guttadauro (who you may recognize as my love interest in Nice Work If You Can Get It), and I am joined by two of my And Then There Were None co-stars (Thursday Savage and Mike Zizka). We just “rolled over” into the comedic side of murder!

“As Inspector Harriet Goring, Lana Peck offers yet another sparkling, effervescent performance that is witty, crazy, hammy, dizzying and chock full of the comic snap, crackle and pop that the actress does best. Here, as in the recent “And Then There Were None” where Peck played Mrs. Ethel Rogers to the height of sheer perfection, the actress is at the top of her game.
What’s especially fun about Peck is that she never gives the same performance twice. That’s why directors always cast her in their productions. She has extraordinary insight and range. She know how to take a line of dialogue and make it her own. And she’s not afraid to take chances. Here, she plays her super sleuth female detective character boldly and wisely, using broad, comic stokes and colors that are exactly right for this sort of comic mayhem. She also knows how to amp and ham it up whenever Guttadauro asks her to do. And when she’s center stage with the spotlight shining bright, Peck goes for broke and delights her audience at every comic turn.”  ~James Ruocco



Below is a production photo (by Mandi Martini) showcasing the Inspector’s flare for over-the-top Shakespearean acting! Also shown is the talented, Randy Ronco as William Gillette:


For tickets go to: WarnerTheatre.org

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And Then There Were None



I will be playing the role of Ethel Rogers ( the cook) in Warner Stage Company ‘s production of Agatha Christie ‘s And Then There Were None. Shows run two weekends from September 23 to October 1.

Call the Warner box office for tickets ( I hear they are selling out fast!) at 860.489.7180.


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SW Flight of Broken Jeans

For those who need a good laugh ( and who doesn’t these days?!)

This is based on an article I saw today in Time magazine. It was in the Brief section ( how appropriate!) about what not to wear on an airplane.”  Some employees girlfriends apparently were kicked off a flight for not following dress code by wearing leggings. It also mentioned a 2011 incident with Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day being kicked off for wearing inappropriate pants. The airline later apologized.

I wrote an email to the editors. Maybe it’ll get to Billie Joe ( and he’ll forgive my imperfect lyrical prosody:

Southwest Flight of broken jeans ( parody lyrics by Lana Peck)
He wore some sagging jeans
On a SouthWest flight to New Orleans
Oh yes the crew it seems
Thought those saggy jeans hung way too low

They told him politely
Sir we have a dress code policy
If you don’t have a belt
You’ll have to leave. Your jeans hang way to low

hang way too low
hang way too low
hang way too low
hang way too

Did they know he’s the singer of a famous band?
I mean do they know he’s the guy from Green Day?
Billie Joe, kicked off for a fashion faux pax
Cause his jeans hung to low

Did anybody hear
the conversation, what he had to say?
Come on, he’s Billie Joe.
Not the Edge or Bono. {rest} How could they not know?

He must’ve crossed the line
Thats fucked up the plane can’t leave on time
And there’s no posted sign
About this code so say how could he know?

how could he know?
how could he know?
how could he know?
how could he

You think he had another pair but put them through?
All those hits I can’t imagine that he’s all that broke
Billie Joe can’t afford a button for his fly!?
So his jeans hung too low

(Pull up your pants, Billie Joe )

He wore some sagging jeans
On a SouthWest flight to New Orleans
Oh yes the crew it seems
Thought those saggy jeans hung way too low

Does he think just because he’s really famous
Entitles him to fly first class bare butt naked
Billie Joe, kicked off for a fashion faux pax
Cause his jeans hung too low?

Pull up your pants
Hey Billie Joe
Pull up your pants

Copyright, 2017, Lana Peck, ASCAP

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