Hauntingly beautiful to deliciously wicked and comic*” are words used to describe the music of Lana Peck. Lana’s musical background is in theater but she crosses over into other genres including swing, jazz, blues, rock, pop, and folk. Her interests inform her writing style so that her songs vary from pop or jazz ballads to “geek songs” (think Timelord or Wizard Rock).

Lana was a frequent guest artist on Hi5netTv’s First Thursdays. “(At) Her first performance both the audience and the cameras went wild,” said *Douglas Bibbey, co-founder and producer. These performances drew the attention of Sue Matsuki of Cabaret Hotline Online, and Lana was invited to perform for Sue’s “People You Should Know” show at Don’t Tell Mama in NYC. Sue compared Lana’s songs to Christine Lavin and her voice to Sade.

Local audiences may have caught her music/video performance at Artwell Gallery with Desultory Theatre Club, and the Singer Songwriter Network of Torrington’s Ladies ‘N’ Lyrics shows at The Torrington Historical Society. She has performed at the Warner Theatre (including the world premiere of a new musical, “Gefilte Fish Chronicles”), and has sung with Litchfield based swing/jazz/blues band, No Stress. Regionally, she has had the honor of sitting in with Delta-blues legend, (the late) Big Jack Johnson, and folk artist Livingston Taylor.

Lana is also creative visually and she explores her musical ideas through video, still photography, prop building and puppetry. Her ongoing creative visual endeavor is a collaborative video channel called Glum Puppet. (

For more about Lana, go to


Short form:

Lana Peck is a musical & visual artist, vocalist and songwriter, whose music has been described as hauntingly beautiful and wickedly funny-think a cross between Kate Bush and Christine Lavin. She has performed in NYC at Don’t Tell Mama and is co-creator of For more about Lana, go to



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