Hi Neil! Glad you’re here! :)

This is the song I’d love to sing, Message to My Girl. I threw in another one (How Will You Go) we can harmonize on, in case you really like me and want me to stay for another. Liam won’t mind, will he?:

Message to My Girl (cover of Split Enz)
How Will You Go (cover of Crowded House) “Neil, I’ll sing Tim’s part”

Probably more CH/SE music to come, because I’m having fun
and why the heck not!:


Dirty Creature

I Hope I Never

To those of you wondering about this post, I’m a shameless Crowded House “Crowdie,” and Fangradio FangHive Seymour Finn Cousin. The only band I’m willing to admit to being a groupie for or even devote far too much time to being one for. But Neil and my FangHive Frenz have helped me through this crazy pandemic and I love them so much for that!

I wrote to Neil to see if he’d let me sit in with the band.

Anyway, please visit NeilFinn.com and enjoy/support them as much as you can!

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