Hi Neil! Glad you’re here! :)

This is the song I’d love to sing at one of your shows, Message to My Girl. I threw in others (How Will You Go/Isolaton) we can harmonize on, in case you really like me and want me to stay for another, or perhaps sing during a jam in the green room:

Message to My Girl (cover of Split Enz)
How Will You Go (cover of Crowded House) “Neil, I’ll sing Tim’s part”
Isolation (“karaoke” of Crowded House) duet with FangHive Finn Cousin, Brian “Riff Raff” West

Perhaps more CH/SE music to come, because I’m having fun
and why the heck not!: Dirty Creature, I Hope I Never, …

To those of you wondering about this post, I’m a shameless Crowded House “Crowdie,” and Fangradio FangHive Seymour Finn Cousin. The only band I’m willing to admit to being a groupie for or even devote far too much time to being one for. But Neil and my FangHive Frenz have helped me through this crazy pandemic and I love them so much for that!

I wrote to Neil to see if he’d let me sit in with the band.

Anyway, please visit NeilFinn.com and enjoy/support them as much as you can!

These covers are not intended for sale.

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